Image Gallery

Jaggerz Slideshow of a small portion of
Jimmie Ross's personal photo collection from 1966 - 2011

Jimmie with Dick Clark, backstage before the Jaggerz appearance on American Bandstand, 1970

Benny and Jimmie at Slippery Rock State College, 1968

Jaggerz Sponsored Little League Team in Aliquippa, PA, 1974

Performance at the "Great Hall," Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA, before the Steelers' Game in 2002

Jimmie sings the national anthem at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA, before the Steelers/Cowboys game in 2003


1968 - Villas
Top: Tham Davies, Jim Pugliano
Center: Bill Maybray
Bottom: Don Ierace, Jimmie Ross, Benny Faiella


1966 - Club Natural
Left to Right: Benny Faiella, Billy Maybray, Jimmie Ross

Linden Hall Concert

Donnie Iris and Jimmie yuk it up at PNC Park, Pittsburgh

Johnny and Bubba from the Halo's

Manager Joe Rock and Hubert Humphrey

Jaggerz with Manager Joe Rock and James Darren
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