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1. Dancin in the Streets/Some Kind of Wonderful
    (Recorded live at the AJ Palumbo Center, Pittsburgh, PA)
2. Never Found Me a Girl
3. It's Gonna Take a Miracle/I'm on the Outside
    Looking In
4. The Whole Town's Laughing at Me
5. (Let's Get Loose)  Pass the Juice
6. Shakin' the Shack
7. (I got Everything I Need) Almost
8. The Love I Never Had
9.  It's Gonna Take A Miracle/I'm on the Outside 
     Looking In ( Long Version)
10. Outside Help
11. Whose That Knockin
12. The Rapper
 (Recorded Live at the AJ Palumbo Center, Pittsburgh, PA) 

 Re-Rapped by Request ............says it all

One of the few groups formed in Western PA to ever achieve a Gold Record and national acclaim has done it again by creating a dynamic mix of some of their most requested songs.  After their 30 year Rapper reunion tour, opening fast track of Dancin in the Streets/Some Kind of Wonderful, to the rhythm and blues of Outside Help.  And my favorite, The Love I Never Had, to the national mega hit the 2001 live version of the Rapper.
This is a must for all music lovers and collectors.
Thank you Jimmie and The Jaggerz for once again allowing us to enjoy your talent and to remember the excitement and pride we all had when the Rapper became America's number one hit.

Your Friend
Fred Romantine


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