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from: Earl
Fairfield, CA

Dear Jimmie,
I'll be surprised if you remember me. However maybe the following will ring your chimes. Jack Mendenhall, Jack Spencer, 56 Ford Station Wagon with the V8 stick shift, band captain.... In any event I was out of touch for much of your Jaggerz years but heard your tunes. I was really blown away by your rendition of "HIGHER AND HIGHER".

The "little woman" and I (check me out on Facebook) do some RVing. We hope to get back to PA area sometime this summer and will to catch one of your performances.



from: Jeff
Glenshaw, PA

Dear Jimmie,
Wow, Where do I start? Saw the Jaggerz play live many many times back in the 1968 and 1969 era. At a concert at New Brighton High School in 1968 Jimmy Ross sang "The Impossible Dream" and you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium. It was great! So many great memories from my teen years. My buddy and I just thought the Jaggerz were great. I still have my Jaggerz vinyl albums in the closet. Always a fan! Thanks for the memories!!



from: Rob
Wilmington, NC

Dear Jimmie,
In 1965 I was a 16 year old drummer with a fake ID the first time I saw you play at Geneva on the Lake. Our Pittsburgh based group "The Gateways" guitar player and I had driven up there. We had just started playing some of the Pittsburgh/South Hills clubs and thought we were pretty hot. That was until we saw your show. Just blew us away. You guys gave us a lesson in musicianship that I remember to this day. I also learned that 3.2 beer will knock a 16 year old on his butt. Thanks for the memories



from: Ed
Huber Heights, OH

Dear Jimmie,
Thanks for bringing back the memories. Stumbled across your site and listened to the music and brought me back to a time I saw you live at a High School in Midland PA back in the 60s. Would love to hear more and please keep on rocking.



from: John
Dallas, TX

Dear Jimmie,
I go back to the CYO days, then Club Natural, Mancinis and what about the Staircase lounge. Pittsburgh, Youngstown and of course Geneva on the Lake. Im an old kid from W Pa who still remembers the great sound of the Jaggerz. I wish there were more old tapes from the past beacuse it brings back thoughts of such great times. Thanks for the memories!



from: Gloria
Bridgeville, Pa.

Dear Jimmie,
Saw your great performance at the Summer Oldies Jam at Sandcastle's Riverplex Amphitheatre on August 17th and you were "smokin"! We enjoyed your group so much and we will be seeing you again in Washington on August 24th! Keep those sounds coming!



from: Tom Sneddon
Aliquippa, Pa.

Jimmie & guys,
Last year I finished my tour of duty in Iraq. We used to blast your song "Move Across the River" every Saturday in camp. It sounded so great to hear it live at the Aliq. show. You were right when you said, there's no place like home!
Thanks for a great show!



from: Jamie McNie
Germantown, MD

Your performance in Aliquippa Sunday Night was amazing!! Even though I listen to you guys everyday on my IPod, being at the concert was great! I purchased your latest cd, so I was able to listen to it on my drive through the PA Turnpike from Maryland back home to Aliquippa.
You're the best!!! Jamie



from: John
Sewickley, Pa.

Dear Jimmie,
Your great performance at the Aliquippa Centennial was testament to the everlasting talents of the Jaggerz....Bravo! What you give back to your roots and the community of people who admire and follow the Jaggerz is to be commended. The band,vocals and sound were a perfect-10! You took us back and never let us go...thanks for the best of times and we look forward to seeing the Jaggerz at Mountaineer Park on Sept. 19th (we already bought our tickets).

ps: It was great to see Jim Pugliano on stage, can't forget his drum solo's at Club Natural.

All the best, Perk and the Gang



from Larry and Delores
Canonsburg, Pa.

 Dear Gentlemen,   Thank you for the wonderful performance last night with our kids. Your program with the Canonsburg Middle School Jazz Band sounded great. You were such an encouragement to the kids. Our son had a great time. Thank you for sharing your time and talents to encourage our students. You all looked like you were having fun, especially Mr. Cap, and the kids need to see that. Thank you again.    



from Haylee
Canonsburg, Pa.

Hey I'm from the Canonsburg Middle School Band. On January 212004 when you performed with us was the best time of my life. I have never had that experience before. I wish we could do that every year but we can't. I would like you to come back next year please because it will be my last year at the middle school and i would like to remember it.                   Thank you,


from Sandra
Elmwood Park.
New Jersey

 I was visiting Pittsburgh, PA this past weekend, Nov. 30th.  I saw you play at Heinz Field before the Steelers game. This was my first trip to Pittsburgh and my first Steelers game. I was thrilled to hear a band  playing since we had arrived at the game very early. You guys were fabulous.  From the first song to the last. I loved you so much.   I am now interested in acquiring some of your cds for my music collection. You have a great horn section and the selection of music you played had me singing along.   Thanks for making my trip even better.


from Phil Nee
Richland Center, Wi.
WRCO Radio

The Rapper is still one the most asked for songs on my radio program.  I was wondering if Jimmie would be able to give us a call someday for an interview.  Your fans in Wisconsin would love to hear about the old songs and new songs.  Email me and let me know if we can get together for an interview.

from Anna Marie
Coraopolis, Pa.

Another great show Sat. at the Palace! They knew who to put first--NO ONE CAN OPEN A SHOW OR GET A CROWD GOING BETTER THAN YOU GUYS!
Also thanks for a great summer--i.e., Linden Hall, New Stanton, and you guys were REALLY cookin at the outdoor concert at the Moon Giant Eagle Hope to
see you at Mountaineer this weekend.

from Sal
Carlsbad, Ca.

I grew up in Weirton W.V. in the early 60's and formed my first stage band.  We called ourselves , "Soul Incorporated".  We played in the tri-state wanted to sound like we had soul, like we were black.  The sounds of Detrout and Philly were coming at us.   Groups like the skyliners, the temps, the oJay's, the intruders, the magnificent men, Curtis Mayfield and some others. A close friend of mine formed a band and they called themselves, the fantasy's. They had the sound I wanted to create. They were all white. I thought to myself, "yeh man, this can be done". Then one day the leader of the fantasy's said, "Man you gotta here this band from the burg, they are bad." They're are all white, but man, they got the sound. "Plus", he said, "they can sound like the Beatles too. My first experience hearing the Jaggerz was in '66 or '67 and from that moment on they were on my list of favorite artists. When I heard "Gotta Find My Way back home", for the first time, I was thinking that I was hearing one of the great groups of all times. When Rapper hit, I knew I was right.

from: Brenda
Eighty Four, Pa. 
I just wanted to THANK YOU for coming to the Canon-Mac High School to play with the Middle School Band. It was truly a memorable event and incredible opportunity for the kids.  My daughter, Angie, plays the keyboard with the group and she had a great time. We all did! Thanks, Mr. Cap!!!!!    


from: Fred
Camino, Ca. 
And The Band Played On” brings back that crossover sound reminiscent of the early Jaggerz and their recordings on the Gamble Records label.   Great lead vocals by Jimmie Ross and the strong backing vocals that make for the unique Jaggerz sound are back and as fresh as they were in 1968.  Be sure to take a listen to “Please Baby Please” on track 6.  This tune showcases the soulful vocal talent of Jimmie Ross and is a realstandout.   For listeners who lived in the Pittsburgh area in the late 1960s and early 1970s, this album is sure to bring back memories of what was then the area’s best club band; no one else even came close.
from: Jackie
Huntington Beach, Ca. 

Each time I hear "The RAPPER", it reminds me of younger days full of great memories.  I saw the JAGGERZ at the club natural in Beaver Falls and also at Geneva On The Lake, Ohio.  I am a new castle girl.  So nice to view the web site.  Proud to have your album "We Went To Different Schools Together."


from: Carl
Virginia Beach, Va. 
Back in the late 60"s when I lived in New Brighton, Pa., my friend and I had reel to reel stereo tape players and we used to copy tapes for you guys. Recently, I went to a music store and had your first two albums transferred to cd's.  The sound was not to good because the albums were almost worn out from being played so much.  Is there a studio in Pittsburgh area that has your old albums available on cd's.  How about Jeree Recording Studio in New Brighton?  I would love to have a complete collection of all your songs on cd's. Thanks for all the great music and all the great memories.  Last week at my 35th high school reunion in Rochester, the DJ played a song from your new cd.  It was great.  I am in the process of getting that cd.  Thanks again, A fan forever!


from: Elaine
Stubenville, Ohio 

You and the guys may not remember this, but me and a friend of mine were practically your groupies.  We were in our teens and even begged our parents to take us to Chippewa lake to see you.  I just saw you again after all those years at the Follansbee, WV community days.  You're still just as great as before!!!   Love ya - Elaine

from: Emily
Weirton, WV 

Saw your show at Follansbee Community Days last night.  As a retired entertainer editor and concert reviewer for the Weirton Daily Times and Pennsylvania Focus, I can say you guys did a terrific job by putting on one great big show.  Am looking forward to seeing and listening to you again.                                                                           Emily


from: J. Webb
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fantastic performance at the Oldies Concert! We had guests with us from Erie who have never heard you perform.  They both voted you the best of the night.  I would also like to make a comment that, throughout the entire performance, Jimmie always had a smile on his face.  What a pleasure to know that he was just as pleased performing as we were listening to them.  Definitely put my name on your mailing list for future performances! 

from: Tara M.
Columbiana, Ohio  

The JAGGERZ were a new group to me and I never ever heard of them.  I went to the Summer Oldies Celebration 2000 put together by 3WS radio station in Pittsburgh at the I.C. Light Ampitheater on June 10th.  They were the first to be on stage.  I thought I wouldn't like the music (I am only 16) but they rocked the house.  They kick a**.

from: Frank M.
Portersville, Pa.  


from: Elaine

I used to go to "The Tomb" on a regular basis; as well as Geneva on the Lake. Most of my best college memories revolve around my friends and I going to hear the Jaggerz. Your group is just connected with so many happy memories. We saw you two years ago at Duquesne. One of the guys said, "Gee, I don't remember them being that good." I told him it was probably because he was always drunk when he heard you and didn't know the difference. I found your site ... I friend had told me that you had been in Boardman. We wanted to go and see you and I just figured you'd have a web site--everyone does. What else would it have been but

from: Bob E.
Virginia Beach Va. 

I was there the night you guys blew away the Four Tops at the AJ Palumbo center in Pitts. 2 years ago I was in town for Duquesne Homecoming.. You guys get better every year. By the way, you'll be glad to hear that they play the song from your CD " Move across the river" in all the dance clubs down here. Even with the Pittsburgh ending on it... I love it !!!! 


from: David C.
Natrona Hgts. Pa. 

From the first time I heard The Jaggerz at the Phsycadilly in Mckees Rocks back in the late 60's thru the years at the Staircase and up to last year at the A J Palumbo Center, I've always been impressed with their lush harmonies and snappy presentation. As a former roadie for another local group of that time, I know u guys left an indelible mark on the local music scene. Good luck and keep up the good work !!!!!! 

from: Frank C.
Ashtabula Ohio

Wandered upon your site and had to leave a message. It's been 30 some years but I remember vividly the many, many nights I spent at The Cove in Geneva on the Lake Oh. Listening and dancing to The Jaggerz. I still get Goose bumps when I think about "The Medley" you guys would close with. 


from Cory Bates 

I have been listening to the Jaggerz for 11 years. I have analized everyone of there songs and albums. Without a doubt, the best, most collected group ever to come out of Pittsburgh. Even after 35 years since there conception, they are still rocken the scene. Their sweet harmonies, alive horn arrangments, and stage presence have influenced my musical traits 100 percent! To the Jaggerz: Keep up the work always....take care. 


from Barb 


Thank you so very much for your CD that came in the mail the other day....The music is so beautiful!!! As a matter of fact it brought tears to my eyes....Kiss and say Goodbye....and I'll Never Forget You...Seems that 16 years ago, that was me so wanting to be with this certain man, and him telling me goodbye because of his responsibility to his family. I never forgot this guy and he is still close and hidden in my heart....that your song touched my heart so..the tears just came tumbling through. 

I wish you and your band the best! I will keep note of when you all have concerts... 


from Joe 


I just wanted to write and tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed your concert at New Ken Community Days. I haven't seen the Jaggerz perform since the old days at Mancini's Lounge, and I don't really know what I expected. I have to say I was totally blown away !! I thought the music and vocals were as tight as any concert I have seen. I purchased your CD and have thoroughly enjoyed listening the last few days. My wife and I were on Kiawah Island South Carolina and heard "Move Across the River" on the radio. What a pleasant surprise to find out it was the Jaggerz !!! 

Much continued success with your CD and keep rockin' into the new Millennium.... 


from Scott 


Todays my birthday and my sister got me "And the Band Played On" CD ... She mailed it to me in Virginia ... Of course I loved the whole CD, but when I heard you guys do "Kiss and Say Goodbye" I was completely blown away ! 

Thanks for playin' on and making my birthday such a good day ! It was the best Birthday present Ever!! 


from D.L. 

..And The band Played On is a great CD. If you ever tour, I'll be standing in line here in music starved Georgia. 

Good work! 

from Nancy & Michael 

Hiya Band, 

Just wanted to thank you for a really enjoyable show last evening at the Community Center in Punxsutawney. Your music was GREAT and the mix of tunes was wonderful! We were tapping our feet and singing along with almost every song. This is the first time we've seen you perform but hopefully not the last! You've just gained two fans from Brookville! :-) Keep those oldies put on a tremendous show and we loved it! 

Warmest regards, 

Nancy and Michael

from D. H. 

Jimmy Ross, 

I am an old fan of the Jaggerz for many, many years. I went to Viet Nam in early 1971 and had the We Went to Different Schools Together cassette and made sure it was heard by all my friends in my division. When I formed my first band in West Virginia in 1975 one of the first songs we played was the Rapper. I am so impressed you put the band together again. I am now in Corona, California and have played in many bands and you gave me my inspiration to kick out some rock and roll. I too play bass guitar and sing and live true to my screen name and I am coming back to the Pittsburgh area soon and will be watching you guys play. By the way I played with Artie Tedesco in 1980 and he was on the first Pittsburgh Rocks album that WDVE FM102 put out and later recorded in the LA area. 

Long live Rock and Roll 

Don H.

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