And The Band Played On


1.  Together
2.  Let Me Be Your Man
3.  Feels Good
4.  Move Across The River
5.  Don't Waste Your Time
6.  Stand In For Love/Please Baby Please
7.  Love Music
8.  I'll Never Forget You
9.  Kiss and Say Goodbye
10. Gotta Find My Way Back Home

Hey Jimmie,

    Listening to your latest CD, I recalled the very first time I heard you and The Jaggerz back in 1968.  I was so impressed with your voice and the incredible harmonies of the group, that I came to see the group three nights in a row.  Then I called Gamble Records in Philadelphia... and you were on your way!  You and I co-wrote one side of that first Gamble release.  In less than a year, I became your manager.

    Two hit singles and an album later, you moved on to Kama Sutra Records where you co-wrote, co-produced, played, and sang on records and albums which went on to sell millions. You were really rolling.

    When I decided in 1976 to manage only The Skyliners, I was happy that you agreed to come with me.  On both the Drive and RCA labels, we made some great singles and albums while recording in both Florida and Detroit.  I understood when your travels took you back to your first love..."The Jaggerz" . On this project you sound even better than ever.   Your voice and delivery constantly evolve and improve.

    This CD is a smooth trip through several genres and I use the word "trip" with good reason.  Because success is not a destination... it is a journey... and your current vehicle can only take you to even greater heights... And, as always you'll be traveling first class!

My Best,
Joe Rock

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